Joseph Wynn's Résumé

Kia ora!

I'm Joseph Wynn, a full stack developer and engineering team lead with a focus on performance and accessibility. My experience ranges from building high-traffic, high-availability distributed systems at the BBC to crafting interactive UI components and real-time data processing systems at SpeedCurve.

On my journey to build better systems, I've become a polyglot and a generalist. I've written software in many languages at almost every layer of the web stack: database, back end, API, front end, UI, CDN, automation, tooling, testing, and server management.

Outside of my professional work, I maintain some open source projects and occasionally write about my experiences.


2017–present: SpeedCurve

A little bit of everything: customer support & documentation, backend & API, tooling, UI, browser automation, real-time data processing, and database management.

2014–2017: BBC News

Delivered a new responsive web platform. Led a team to rebuild a better BBC News front page. Led one of the teams responsible for building the next web platform. Focused on growing & supporting the people around me.

2013–2014: Rightster

Worked on a video distribution tool for a startup in London. Wrote a lot of code and drank a lot of coffee.

2012–2013: Time Inc. UK

Built websites for magazine brands, just as print media started dying. Learned a myriad of useful things including programming at the CDN edge, proper change management, automated testing, and data-driven product development.

2009–2012: Various

Web work at various agencies in Christchurch and London.

Open Source

Below are a few of my open source projects. You can find the rest of them on GitHub.


A tiny (800 byte) library that converts absolute dates to relative, human-readable strings. If you've used npm, then you've used this project!


A popular responsive image plugin for the Jekyll static site generator.


A framework for server-rendered React apps with delcarative data fetching and opt-in client-side rendering. Many of Second's features are now part of React core.


A fast, experimental JavaScript component framework based on the original Elm architecture.

Hey, you made it to the end! If you want to know more about me, or you just want to chat, you can find me on Twitter or send an email to joseph at wildlyinaccurate dot com.